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Connectivity through voice network services is one of the most critical components in all networks. Whether you’re moving towards a more flexible, collaborative infrastructure by deploying IP voice or looking to reduce your expenditure on your ISDN lines, Tectria can provide you the right solution.

Tectria’s voice network service via VoIP solutions provides a way for you to extend secure, reliable and consistent communication services to all users. Whether they are in main office locations, branch offices, working remotely or on mobile, our IP telephony transmits voice network service for communications uses open-standard-based Internet Protocol.

Our VoIP is an integral part of our Unified Communications which unify voice, video, data and mobile applications on fixed. Also, mobile networks enable users to communicate in any workspace using media and voice.

We use IP telephony to provide secure, reliable and scalable voice networks services for communications which take advantage for your LAN and WAN. Also, it improves employee agility and productivity through integration with our Avaya Unified Communications and third-party applications.

Our partner SIP Connect services are available to replace or supplement existing traditional phone lines. SIP Trunking offers businesses of all sizes a cost-effective solution to replace traditional phone lines. ISDIN2 or costly Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs) leverage your internet service to accommodate both your voice and data needs.

SIP Trunking is not just for IP phone systems, our SIP Gateway solution allows you to utilise your existing equipment and benefit immediately. Either way, you can choose how many lines you need for your business rather than getting a set number. They can be added in 4 hours so that you have the flexibility to grow your business.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost through improved line rental pricing or SIP deployment
  • More resilience and business continuity through robust infrastructure design
  • Reduced management time for day-to-day tasks
  • Consolidated billing aids cost control, management and administration
Voice Networks Services for Communications

How We Can Help

Tectria will audit your current calls and line usage to identify areas where we can reduce costs and free up the budget for more important projects. We can consolidate both your billing and supply chain by unravelling budgets and management.

For more information regarding our voice network services for communications or unsure whether SIP or ISDN is the right way to go, contact us on 08000 195 497 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help you weigh up the pros and cons of these technologies.