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Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) converges mobile with IP telephony to create a unified communications experience. It integrates mobile users in the same way as desk-based users, so that can benefit from the full range of communications functionally.

Remote workers become as easy to contact as their desk-based colleagues and have instant access to all the same communication and collaboration tools. Routing mobile phone calls over your network through carrier pre-select also reduces call charges.

Fixed Mobile Convergence

There are three types of fixed mobile convergences

  • Single number reach
  • Softclients on mobile devices
  • Wi-Fi and GSM calling

Combing our expertise with telephone partners Avaya and mobile devices, we develop fixed mobile convergence solutions which operate across multiple networks.

Fixed Mobile Convergence Solutions

Single Number Reach

If your users have multiple phone numbers or work from different locations, they can be difficult to reach. Single number reach enables you to provide a single, primary contact number for each user which you can route all calls.

Business Benefits

  • Ease of contact for each employee via a single phone number
  • Increased availability improves response times and customer service
  • A single voice mailbox so important messages aren’t missed
  • Forms part of a resilient business continuity plan

If you have any questions about our fixed mobile convergence solutions, contact us on 08000 195 497 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you.