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Our carrier pre-select is a fully managed solution which provides an alternative way to route telephone calls that saves money without any inconvenient dialling protocols.

Carrier Pre-Select

Line Rental

Moving your line rental to Tectria delivers the best of both worlds. By leveraging relationships with tier one wholesalers, we will reduce your monthly carrier pre-select charges and you will feel the benefits from our personalised, responsive support by an award-winning client service team.



Outbound Telephony

Our bespoke line and call packages will provide a greater degree of control over your telecommunications spend which will help to drive down costs. By understanding your current and future business needs, we can provide scalable solutions that will adapt as your requirements change over time with our impacting on business operations. 


Inbound Telephony

As levels of inbound call traffic can fluctuate dramatically, managing customer interaction and ensuring customer service level can prove challenging. Our call carrier pre-select management solutions address the associated issues across both landlines and mobile devices which prevents calls from being cut off, unanswered or incorrectly routed. 


In addition to number provisioning, we advice on the regulatory and business image implications of translation services such as geographic and non-geographic numbers. Geographic numbers give the impression you have a presence in numerous geographic locations. Non-geographic numbers (e.g. 03xx, 08xx, 09xx) offer toll-free, national rate and revenue share calls.


For more information about our carrier pre-select services, email and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.