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When it comes to providing top quality unified communications solutions, Tectria is the company for you. Seamlessly integrated experiences with unified communications.

Unified business communications solutions which combine a range of technologies to provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices and media. Email, SMS, voicemail, presence, instant messaging, fixed and mobile telephony all integrate to keep your employees, clients and suppliers connected.

The rapid convergence of consumer and business technology driven by the increasing adoption of bringing your own device (BYOD) strategies has seen the smartphone, tablet and laptop replace the desktop phone and PS as business standard.

Employee mobility is a business imperative. The challenge comes when a geographically diverse workforce expects the same high quality voice, data and video performance they get from the desktop to their portable device.

Modern networks have kept pace with the increasing demands of business and consumer communications for speed, bandwidth and availability. A unified communications solution platform allows organisations to integrate a secure, reliable and borderless communications network to their infrastructure:

 Unfiied Communications Solutions

Business Objectives

  • Unified communications solutions provide consistent and high quality communication tools.
  • Reduce the number of offices through remote working or hot desking.
  • Enable geographic business expansion without the need for new offices.
  • Improve productivity of teams spread across multiple locations.
  • Implement flexible working solutions or remote working practices.
  • Utilise UC as part of a robust business continuity phone solutions plan.


 Solutions for Unified Communcations

Business Benefits

  • Unified communications solutions reduce telecommunication costs by making phone calls through an IP network.
  • Workforce is agile and productive.
  • Better collaboration, leading to improve decision making.
  • A motivated workforce with a better work/life balance.
  • Reduced capital investment, business operations and travel costs.
  • Optimised infrastructure with better flexibility and easy to manage.
 Unified Communications Solution

How We Can Help

Our unique approach includes everything from assessing your existing network readiness to planning the deployment roadmap for your new UC solution. We design, configure and install best-fit unified communications solutions based on the demands of the user and business.

Our vendor-agnostic approach means we are able to recommend the right combinations of solutions for unified communications and network technology from the world’s leading vendor (Cisco, HP, Avaya, Microsoft, Apple, 02 and Vodafone) to deliver all the benefits of a unified solution. We are confident that UC is the way to go and have committed funds to develop our own unified multi-vendor UCaaS platform.

Audio Conferencing

Desk and room-based, high definition voice.

Video Conferencing

Desk and meeting room-based, high definition video for near face-to-face experience.


Enable individuals to share and update documents simultaneously, or at different times from different locations.

Presence and Instant Messaging

Enable employees to check real-time availability of colleagues and route calls accordingly.

Mobile Unified Communications

Extend your UC capabilities across mobile devices


Bring together every type of device and medium to allow users to connect whenever and wherever they want.

If you would like to know more information about our unified communications solutions, contact our team on 08000 195 497. One of our team members will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.