Building 21st Century Connected Surgeries

Building 21st Century Connected Surgeries

The NHS general practice with over 90% of direct public contact being with you. We believe you should have the best GP communications solutions to make this interaction as positive and cost-effective as possible. As a nation, we rely on you to respond to our needs at all times and believe that you deserve the same from us. We exist to help you reach more patients in more places, driving better patient experiences that are enhanced by the latest GP communications and collaboration solutions.

We are designed for you.

From your telephony system and automated appointment reminders to fully unified communications consultant systems, which allow every health care team member to securely access and input information they need wherever they are. We have a faster time to service, better agility, support better business continuity phone solutions and increase the efficiency of your computing environment more than any competitor. Choose Tectria for top quality GP communications solutions which enable you to:

 GP Communications Solutions
  • Provide every GP and nurse with a number. Your staff can give out one number, the practice’s main number and their individual extension. Calls can be automatically routed to their laptop or phone.
  • Make it easy to access information. Simplify incoming calls with an automated attendant to route calls and establish self-service options for patients on opening hours, appointments and doctor-on-call.
  • Connect multiple practice locations. If you have multiple locations, we can simplify your communications elimination site-to-site calling charges and make it possible to share administration resources.



We know that keeping your patients and safe is paramount. Our GP communications solution systems are designed to ensure that the moment an emergency occurs you can identify the location, notify the individuals in the location accordingly, contact the appropriate services and isolate the incident within minutes. With every IP based system, we ensure that no matter where you are the people who need the information will have it at their fingertips.

 Healthcare Member GP Communications Solutions
  • Instantly communicate with every patient. From appointment reminders to emergency notifications, our GP communications solution systems enable you to instantly send out mass communications via email, SMS and social media.
  • Administer your system effectively in-house. Take the hassle out of reconfiguring your communications system with easy in-house systems to keep up with staff changes and add or relocate phones and other devices.
  • Keep your network secure. Whether it’s a resourceful teenager or an accomplished hacker, our session border controls will ensure that your data is for your eyes only.



For more information about our GP communications solutions, download our Tectria Health Solutions Flyer and contact us. Let us help you transform your practice’s communication systems.