Our solutions are tailored to fit

We deliver flexible working solutions to any environment and device.

As technology is becoming virtualised and distributed, workforces are using flexible working solutions to become more prevalent. Providing familiar mobile working communications environment anywhere, on any device, helps improve workforce productivity and increases resilience.

Our flexible working solutions are designed to deliver better user experience. Whether you’re working from the office, at home or on the move, our working flexible solutions provide excellent consistency. Employees are productive when they can collaborate with colleagues and have reliable access to the business's critical applications and data.

 Flexible Working Solutions

Business Objectives

  • Mobile working communications for management and key personnel.
  • Improve responsiveness and customer service.
  • Reinforce business continuity by eliminating office dependency.
  • Create a better work/life balance for staff.
  • Expand a business in to new territories.
  • Reduce costs in travel, facilities and infrastructure.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Improve effectiveness of virtual teams working on projects.


 Mobile Working Communcations

Business Benefits

Our flexible working solutions can:

Increase productivity. Providing the workforce with the tools they need to communicate and collaborate improves effectiveness and productivity.

Mitigate risk. Bad weather has become a reality, causing thousands of lost days per year and costing businesses millions. Use as part of a robust business continuity plan to provide access to business's critical data and applications from anywhere.

Reduce cost. Open up a range of cost-saving opportunities such as office consolidation, hot desking and phone bill reduction through our IP telephony solutions.

Enhance scalability. Location is no longer a barrier of expansion. Add new employees or applications and expand into new territories.

Improve morale: Flexible mobile working communication solutions can contribute to reduced stress and absenteeism in the workplace as employees enjoy a better life/work balance.

Flexible Mobile Working Communication Solutions

How We Can Help

Tectria provides a broad portfolio of IP telephony and mobile solutions that enable a flexible working solutions environment, which your workforce can enjoy a collaborative, immersive experience from any device.

Flexible mobile working communication solutions require the integration of technologies from hardware and software vendors. Our technicians are accredited by the world’s leading technology providers such as Avaya, HP, Microsoft and Cisco.

All projects are overseen by a dedicated implementation team to deliver a selection of solutions:

  • Home working
  • Mobile workers
  • Satellite office
  • Hot desking
  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Infrastructure integration
  • Wired & wireless access
  • VOIP deployment
  • Network connectivity

For more information about our flexible working solutions, contact our team on 08000 195 497 and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.