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Easy in-house administration
One number for every teacher
Instant notification networks
Secure, protected data
Simpler Communications. Better Learning.
Wired connectivity, wirelessly

ICT Solutions for Education, Education ICT SolutionsHere at Tectria, we provide ICT solutions for education which are effective, easy-to-use and cost-efficient. Also, we believe that in education, it is imperative that a teacher has the time to teach its class. We understand the rising class sizes, increased reporting requirements and falling budgets mean it is fast becoming a luxury in education. Together, we want to support you to take back your time, reduce your administration, increase your shared knowledge and slash education ICT solution costs.

With a well designed and implemented UC network, adding powerful new tools like video conferencing is easy to do. Learning becomes more accessible and effective. Resources can be shared across multiple locations.

We are designed for you.


The best ICT support solutions for school doesn’t have be complicated, it has be to be effective, easy-to-use and elegant. Our Avaya centric ICT education solution set means you can affordably introduce what you want and when you want it. Choose a range of collaborative elements that enable you to:

 ICT Solutions for Education
  • Provide every teacher with one number:
    Enable teachers and staff to give out one number and our Avaya solution routes the call directly, wherever they are.
  • Make it easy to access information:
    Simplify the flow of incoming calls with an automated attendant, self-service notifications or a call centre to handle and route incoming calls.
  • Connect multiple school locations:
    Set up a one dial plan for all your locations eliminating site-to-site calling charges and sharing all administration resources.

Never has ICT solutions for education been so in demand or valuable! Staying in touch wherever you are is key to keeping the flow of information moving, reducing duplication, maintaining the security and on-site awareness of your school.

 ICT Support for Schools
  • Administer your system easily and effectively in-house:
    Take the hassle out of reconfiguring your communications system to keep up with staff and device changes.
  • Keep your network secure:
    Whether it’s a resourceful student or an accomplished hacker, our system session border controls will keep your data safe.
  • Trigger multiple notifications instantly:
    For event changes and bus times to emergency situations, you can instantly send calls, SMS, texts, emails, instant messages and speaker announcements out remotely.


Our school ICT systems are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can opt for On-Premise, Private Cloud or Public Cloud. We are proud to say that Avaya IP Office, our most in-demand IPT solution is trusted by more than 5,000 education institutions worldwide.


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