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If your organisation is looking for cost consultancy solutions, Tectria is the right company for you. Get more for less with our cost consultancy!

As businesses grow, so do the systems that support their day-to-day operations. Over time, inefficiencies can creep in and costs can rise. At Tectria, we can help identify areas where savings can be made or budgets reallocation. Driving down capital and operational expenditure to help you deliver more for less.

Cost consultancy management is a fundamental part of business. An organisation’s investment in technology is usually significant. Managing IT capital and operational expenditure correctly has implications for return on investment and profitability.

The IT department has a task with attaining the holy grail (doing more for less). We believe this can be achieved in more ways than reducing costs. Being smarter with your communications assets will allow you to drive strategic change and maintain a competitive advantage.

Cost Consultancy

Business Objectives

  • With our cost consultancy plan, we will identify and eliminate redundancy or waste.
  • Strategically re-align resources and budget.
  • Consolidate supply chain and billing.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Reduce technology real estate.
Solutions for Cost Consultancy

Business Benefits

  • Our cost consultancy is less complex and has an easy-to-manage network.
  • Faster business processes.
  • Reduced capital expenditure and operational costs.
  • Improved network agility and flexibility.
  • Scalable, future-proof infrastructure.
Cost Consultancy Solutions

How We Can Help

A Tectria cost consultant will carry out the audit, helping to make the most of your current investment and reduce on-going expenditure. However, we can do more for you than save money. Over the years, we have help many organisations to become more agile, leverage emerging technologies as well as deliver improvements in both performance and value.

  • Line rental: One of the easiest ways to save money is to move your line rental. We are a Daisy Group and Gamma Partner which have access to several networks meaning you are not limited to BT. Also, gain access to highly competitive rates which on average save our clients between 20% and 40% on services costs.
  • Least cost routing: We access your call usage and design a bespoke tariff for your local, national, international and mobile calls.
  • WAN services: Ranging from broadband through Ethernet extension services to full MPLS IP-VPN rollouts. Our WAN services can reduce costs compared to your current provider.
  • Mobile network services: Mobile assessments goes beyond simple usage and call costs to include line rental, handset costs and service charges to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution for your mobile voice and data needs.
  • Support and maintenance contracts: Our cost consultancy audit will identify areas where inefficiencies lie such as unnecessary costs which allows you to benefit fully from our range of vendor-accredited maintenance and network support services.

For more information on our cost consultancy solutions, contact our team on 08000 195 497. One of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements. Furthermore to add, that Tectria is one of the leading companies for intelligent communications solutions.