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Bespoke Mobile Working Contact Centres = Saved Money & Maximised Resources.

Here at Tectria, we have an established track record of delivering and managing mobile working contact centre solutions for customers in the UK and overseas. We work with leading technology partners to enhance the customer experience across all industries.

We can help you to transform your customer service with our flexible mobile working contact centre solutions. We will work with you to engineer tailored solutions from intelligent routing and interactive voice recognition, email, text, chat, social media and call recording to proactive contact management and workforce optimisation.

The Tectria mobile working contact centres portfolio includes:

  • Contract centres. 20 – 100 seats, 101 – 500 seats, 501 > seats.
  • Distributed and hosted contract centres include “hybrid” so you keep your existing telephone system.
  • Multi-Media Contact Centre.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Social Media monitoring and integration.
  • Compliance Recording e.g. FCA.
  • Quality and Workforce Optimisation.
  • Outbound Dialling & SMS.
  • Bespoke Software Development.
  • Systems Integration.


Mobile Working Contact Centres

Business Challenges

  • With mobile working contract centres, customers want to communicate on their terms.
  • They often need to repeat themselves once answered.
  • They report bad service with agents.
  • Agents are less productive during quiet times.
  • Clients report that they are losing sales as callers are dropping out before being answered.
Contact Centres Mobile Working

Business Solutions

  • Incorporate email and web chat as part of a mobile working contract centre strategy.
  • Eliminate / reduce transfers.
  • Details call reports and call recordings for every agent.
  • Use agent ‘idle time’ to proactively make outbound sales / collection calls.
  • Identify peaks and balance agents between groups or geogarphic locations.
  • Use Interactive Voice Response / Voice Recognition and database integration to self serve.
Mobile Working Contact Centre Solutions

Business Benefits

  • Mobile working contract centres benefit intelligent routing and screen popping, increase first call resolution.
  • Increased visibility. See what other users are doing in real time.
  • Monitor, report and plan. Benchmark and compare performance.
  • Fully hosted or hybrid, you can keep your existing system
  • Scalable, future-proof infrastructure.

For more information regarding our mobile working contract centres, email We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Needless to say, Tectria is one of the leading providers of intelligent communications solutions.