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Prepare for the unexpected! We provide robust business continuity phone solutions to organisations which are always open.

As organisation move towards 24/7 operations, providing a high-availability and high-speed business continuity phone solution is essential. In order to deliver secure, resilient access to business-critical data and applications, organisations need a robust business continuity phone solution strategy incorporating back-up, failover and disaster recovery.

  • Malicious attacks
  • Bad weather
  • Major public events
  • Power failure
  • Natural disasters
  • Industrial action
  • Technical fault


Robust Business Continuity Phone Solutions

Business Objectives

A robust business continuity phone solution planning covers a range of technological considerations:

  • Design resiliency into critical infrastructure to protect against threats
  • Maintain the ability to receive and make phone calls
  • Continued availability of time-critical communication tools
  • Provide consistent access to data and applications from remote locations
  • Comply with industry legislation and client service level agreements



Business Benefits

  • Maintain business as usual:
  • Protect your customer service levels, your profits and your reputation
  • Optimise performance:
  • Reliable 24/7 availability of business critical data and applications enhances productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction
  • Improve security:
  • Minimise the risks associated with security breaches, malicious attacks or denial of service across the network

How We Can Help?

  • Tectria can help you to plan for all eventualities. As a part of the discovery process, we will access your existing infrastructure and identify any potential vulnerability, devise a strategy the balances risk and cost management to deliver a robust and affordable business continuity phone solution plan.
  • We can provide you with a range of service options, from standard office hours, break-fix and phone line cover to 24x7 pro-active monitoring. Service level agreements more sure a guaranteed response time so that if disaster should strike, the impact of your business in minimal.
  • Remote working, this will provide a consistent user experience with the same communication and collaboration tools in the office, home or on the move.
  • Session initiation protocol trunking (SIP) builds resiliency into your telephony with load balancing calls and the ability to instantly re-route inbound and outbound calls to an alternative site.
  • Call re-routing delivers a seamless customer experience, even in the event of a disaster, calls are re-routed to alternative office locations or mobiles.
  • Resilient Data Infrastructure: Utilise diverse RO2 WAN connectivity through multiple circuit exchanges and multiple carriers.
  • Hosted telephony provides employees with access to telephony and collaboration services from any location.
  • Virtualisation is host mission critical applications in an enterprise level datacentre without the capital investment costs.

For more information about our robust business continuity phone solutions, contact our team on 08000 195 497 and we will provide you will all the information that you require.