Company: XMA
Industry: IT Solutions for Education
Technology: Unified Communications


XMA develop, deliver and maintain innovative IT solutions that enhance how people learn, teach, govern, deliver healthcare and do business. Like Tectria, they firmly believe that one size does not fit all and so we ehlp them to tailor make a solution to suit individual client needs.

XMA  are a compliant route to purchase, and Tectria are their approved supplier of VoIP solutions to the Education and Health Sectors where they have a string presence on local and national frameworks for hardware, software, supplies and services


Over the past 3 years, Tectrria's core business with XMA has been based on providing VoIP telephony solutions to new build and expanding schools and colleges. This is financed by the Education Funding Agancy within UK Government and Tectria assist XMA in all respects through initial tender response, liaison with school representitives, solution design, implementation and ongoing support. Each school is different and often projects become delayed, or are phased, requiring and interim, temporary solution ahead of full deployment. Through close collaboration and on -point project management, tectria and XMA deliver an exemplary service. Not however withour challenges. 


Over the last 3 years, Tectria has completed 18 school projects and has an ongoing pipeline of sevarl more. Incresaingly, sholls are taking up the option to move to all IP solutions, so SIP connectivity is replacing traditional ISDN. Additionally, in some cases, hosted VoIP solutions are being selecected. Tectria Nova Voice and UC is becoming a sensible alternative to on -premise physical systems, and for larger Trusts, Private Cloud Voice & UC is also and option, using Tectria's in house Avaya hosted UC platform.